We offer a full line of kitchen & bath sinks.


  • Color and pattern consistency between slabs
  • Impervious against staining without any maintenance.
  • Non-porous, non-absorbent permanently sealed surface
  • Food safe and anti-microbial. Will not host mold, mildew or bacteria
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Twice the structural strength of granite
  • Top rated for heat & scratch resistance
  • Clean with just warm soapy water
  • Zero emissions – no radon


  • No manufactured product compares with the allure and timelessness of natural stone.
  • Its uniqueness and authenticity. No other slab of stone anywhere is exactly the same as the one you have chosen.
  • Patterns that flow with colors, mineral streaks & veining plus other natural details that add desirable characteristics.
  • Highly heat & scratch resistant.
Cambria Quartz