Countertops Express Process

Countertops Express has all the granite and engineered stone products on display plus more services than our competitors provide. The focus is on the total quality of the finished product and that starts with your free measure and written quote. The in home appointment is about more than providing a price and showing sample products. It is about assessing your particular project and ensuring the proper plan is in place that enhances the results. We treat every job individually and no two are exactly alike. We take care of the removal of your existing countertops, plumbing disconnects, leveling of cabinet bases, adding of supports as needed and other details captured during your free measure. This ensures your installation is optimized for long term use and enjoyment rather than just selling you a countertop. During your free measure you can ask all of your questions and get answers you can rely on. You will receive the quote you need in the form of a detailed and clear proposal. You will also have peace of mind knowing your project has a real plan for success. This beneficial service has no drawbacks and there is NO sell pressure whatsoever.

An important part of Countertops Express’ quality focus is on material selection. Our granite and quartz slabs are exclusively Grade A material. We ensure that by selecting it by hand, literally one slab at a time. Your slab must pass our close inspection or we won’t use it. No one else is nearly as meticulous in verifying the raw material as free from significant defects, fissures, discoloration and other flaws. Our rejected material is accepted and installed regularly everyplace else. You will still get to select your own slab and you have final approval but we have screened for serious defects in advance. This provides great added value to your purchase and doesn’t add one cent to the price. It does add noticeably to the quality and appearance of the finished product though. Countertop Express’ competitive pricing, proper install preparation and meticulous material screening is followed by our expert installation.