Cambria Quartz

Countertops Express is pleased to offer the largest assortment of quartz in the area with Cambria, Silestone, Caesarstone, Zodiaq, ColorQuartz, Q Quartz and more all available at competitive rates. We feature Cambria Quartz in particular because of their leadership position in technology and color. No other brand has such stunning depth and patterning available and the new colors continue to raise the bar for engineered stone appeal. The Coastal and Waterstone Collections are the most compelling in taking the Cambria Quartz to a place not seen before in a man made stone. No matter your color taste or style Cambria Quartz has a product designed for you.

Cambria Quartz Features

Countertops Express has 133 Quartz patterns on display including the following collections: Marble, Coastal, Waterstone, Modern Classics, Desert, Quarry, Jewel & Classics. The new Matte Finish colors are coming out now and are sure to be amazing. All of the colors come with Cambria’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and have a permanent antimicrobial seal. This means no resealing or polishing will ever be required. Only mild cleaners are recommended such as soap and water. Avoid abrasives and chemicals because they are not needed. Cambria Quartz is impervious to staining and has outstanding heat and scratch resistance.

Other important attributes to consider are its purity and environmental friendliness. Cambria is certified to be 93% pure, natural quartz. As a result, this is where its structural strength is derived from. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth. The manufacturing process is a marvel in itself. It is born of American craftsmanship at its best from a family owned and operated brand. Lastly, don’t forget to register your Cambria countertop purchase on their web page to activate your warranty.

Regarding color options Countertops Express favorites include Summerhill, Swanbridge, Berwyn, New Quay, Galloway, Wentwood, Helmsley, Harlech, Princetown and Nevern. From the newest releases we expect Skye, Beaumont and Kelvingrove to appeal to a wide audience. We will constantly update you when new releases are available. Contact us today with any questions you may have about Cambria Quartz.

Cambria Quartz